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Abdinor Dahir

Abdinor Dahir is a Researcher at TRT World Research Centre. His main research interests include foreign policy, development studies, foreign aid, Turkish-Africa relations, and African governance and geopolitics.


Items by Abdinor Dahir

  • The Nile water dispute is not a zero-sum game

    Negotiations over Ethiopia’s $5 billion Grand Renaissance Dam on the River Nile have reached a critical stage. The project, the construction of which began in 2011, has developed into a major bone of contention between Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia. The dam has its headwaters from Ethiopia and accounts for...

  • The presence of Sudanese militias in Libya is destabilising for Sudan

    There have been some dramatic changes in Sudan since President Omar Al-Bashir was overthrown in April last year. The former dictator of thirty years is now in prison. A transitional government made up of civilian and military members is in charge, and it has enacted some important reforms. However, more...