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  • Libya is limping from chaos towards a state

    The various Libyan factions with different regional, tribal and political affiliations have met for the twentieth time in Geneva but, unfortunately, it was announced on Saturday that they had not reached an agreement. The Geneva meeting was held after the Libyans had toured European, Russian and Maghreb capitals under...

  • Why is Erdogan in Tunisia?

    We received a pleasant and refreshing surprise when we heard President Qais Saeed received the first president from a neighbouring country since taking over office and that this distinguished guest was the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Wednesday. We welcome this man and his honourable positions. He is...

  • Saudi-led coalition attacks human rights organisations instead of respecting them

    A report issued by the United Nations panel of experts tasked with investigating the human rights violations in Yemen has been well received by the international democratic forces and human rights organisations. It was also widely acclaimed by the international media outlets for its accurate evidence and well-documented testimonies...