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Allia Bukhari

I am a journalist and an Erasmus Mundus scholar based in Germany. My work has been published in outlets like TRT World, The New Arab, The Times of Israel, The Diplomat, The Express Tribune, EU Observer, DW and more. I am also associated with Viory news agency based in Abu Dhabi, a news outlet with a focus on Global South and the BRICS countries.


Items by Allia Bukhari

  • How the Gaza war has polarised the Global North and South

    When Russia invaded Ukraine in 2022, the subsequent events widened the global divide in the international community towards major powers and solidified many of the developing countries’ geopolitical presence under the BRICS. With the ongoing war in Gaza, these fissures are being put to the test again. From the beginning...

  • Germany’s Muslims fear rise in Islamophobia amidst war in Gaza

    When Hamas massacred 1,200 Israelis on 7 October in the biggest attack on the Jewish community since the Holocaust, Germany showed unflinching solidarity with the State of Israel, supporting its “inalienable” right to self-defence. It rightly condemned the loss of lives and capture of hostages while calling for the...