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  • The curse of the ‘two-state solution’ as a normalisation tool 

    The issue of Palestine has turned into a distraction in the hands of the international community and Arab rulers. Whenever the Palestinians rise up, pay more with their blood and lives, and alert the world that they are still here, the opportunists and hypocrites once again manipulate the issue...

  • Who has a project to take Palestinian politics forward?

    The decision by the Southern Branch of the Islamic Movement in Israel, which is affiliated with the United Arab List of parliamentarians, to freeze its membership in the settler, apartheid coalition government was received with great scepticism among Palestinians on both sides of the Green (1949 Armistice) Line. Many...

  • The 6 have been recaptured, but do not despair 

    The re-arrest of the two escaped Palestinian prisoners, Iham Kahamji and Munadil Nafayat is not the end of this event. There is no need to feel overly disappointed to the point of it overcoming us, regardless of what the coming days will reveal in terms of the details and...