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Caroline Lund

Caroline Lund is a PhD Candidate in International Peace Studies, at Trinity College Dublin. Former UNDP worker in Palestine and New York.


Items by Caroline Lund

  • The looming famine in Gaza is an extension of Israel’s exertion of colonial power

    Since October last year, it is estimated that approximately 70,000 tons of bombs have been dropped by Israel on the Palestinian civilian population in Gaza. The devastating death toll currently stands at around 36,550 Palestinians, including more than 15,000 children, and a further 10,000 missing, presumed dead, under the...

  • Genocide in Gaza has laid bare the weaponisation of donor aid

    The ongoing genocide in Gaza has starkly exposed Western governments’ unequal and wholly selective application of international law whilst also managing to draw much-needed attention to the dysfunctional role that foreign donors and their development agendas play in the region. Following Israel’s hitherto unproven allegations, suggesting that members of the...

  • How development aid undermines peace in Palestine

    International intervention in Palestine has been centred since the 1990s around what scholars have referred to as a liberal “peacebuilding” agenda. Under the proclaimed goal of achieving a two-state solution – a State of Israel alongside a yet-to-materialise State of Palestine — the position of several European governments has...