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Dr Azmi Bishara

Azmi Bishara, a former member of the Knesset, the Israeli parliament and founder of the Balad Party, is a Palestinian intellectual, academic, politician, and writer.


Items by Dr Azmi Bishara

  • Al-Maliki and Al-Abadi… The constant and the variable in Iraq

    Preventing Nouri Al-Maliki from unconstitutionally being charged with forming a government required the restoration of the conditions set for his appointment, i.e. American-Iranian rapprochement. Al-Maliki was tasked with forming the current government under similar circumstances while a coalition was formed around him and he was considered the largest bloc,...

  • The Greatest Sin: The use of a just cause to justify injustice

    One of the worst things for a just cause is for it to be exposed to a situation where it becomes impossible for justice to be achieved. As a result of this, this same cause becomes a scapegoat used by political symbols or simply a symbol itself. In a...

  • Why designate the Muslim Brotherhood as a "terrorist organisation"?

    By designating the Muslim Brotherhood as a “terrorist organisation” the interim Egyptian government has hammered the final nail in the coffin of any political settlement that could have mended the deep divisions in the Egyptian political scene. The decision was made two days after a bombing that targeted the...