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Dr Basim Naim

Dr Basim Naim is Head of the Council on International Relations in Gaza.


Items by Dr Basim Naim

  • Stop them … before they burn the whole region down

    World leaders gather, these days, at the 77th session of the UNGA, and the main address for all speakers, from presidents and representatives of states, is international peace and security. The UN has achieved this in many places around the world, but failed to achieve in others, and perhaps...

  • Biden’s visit puts US interests and Israel ahead of legitimate Palestinians rights and regional security 

    US President Joe Biden is visiting the Middle East in the next few days. He will meet the Zionist leadership in occupied Palestine followed by a courtesy meeting with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in Bethlehem. Biden will then head to Saudi Arabia on a direct flight from Tel Aviv...

  • ‘Israel’ is a short story

    A few years ago, I read about an American dentist who asked one of his patients about his hobbies. “Reading,” the patient replied. “What do you read these days?” “About the State of Israel.” “So you like reading short stories?” the dentist asked. I recalled this when I read...