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Dr Junaid S Ahmad

Ahmad teaches religion, law and global politics and is the Director of the Centre for Islam and Decoloniality, Islamabad, Pakistan.


Items by Dr Junaid S Ahmad

  • Biden's generals in Pakistan

    As the world – and especially Muslims – has been focused on the Zionist’s genocide in Gaza, we seem to have forgotten US President Joe Biden’s criminality in another part of the world. Indeed, just as Israel’s savagery has been wholeheartedly supported by the Biden administration, the regime change...

  • Pakistan needs a new policy for the Middle East to tackle the new realities

    The rapidly shifting geopolitical realities, especially the current circumstances in South Asia, behove Pakistan to treat the Kashmir issue as its top priority; thankfully, Islamabad is doing that. The recent statement by Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi concerning the establishment of an alternative Muslim bloc to deal with the...