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Dr Lydia Wazir

Dr Lydia Wazir is a seasoned Leadership Expert based in Vienna, Austria. Born in Lebanon, she immigrated to Vienna in 1979, driven by the civil war in her homeland. Dr Wazir’s academic journey culminated in a PhD in Political Science from the University of Vienna, with a focus on the Palestinian-Israeli struggle. Dr Wazir seamlessly integrates her geopolitical insights into organisational leadership, designing programmes that foster ethical leadership capabilities. Her commitment to mentorship and empowerment reflects a passion for instilling ethical values in professional settings, utilising her background in Political Science as a foundation for promoting understanding, empathy and effective communication. Dr Wazir’s dedication to bridging gaps and bringing a holistic perspective underscores her role in shaping ethical organisational leadership.


Items by Dr Lydia Wazir

  • The time is now: A call for justice and humanity

    The pressing need to address the ongoing struggle for justice, human rights and the international community’s moral, legal and ethical responsibility in the face of oppression is undeniable. Humanity’s essence is at stake. I extend this call to action not merely as a political scientist but as a witness...