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  • Israel’s fear of the Arab Spring and celebration of the counter revolutions

    Israel showed an unprecedented interest in the Arab Spring revolutions, assuming that they would have an impact on its “national security”, economic strength and regional environment. Having considered the dimensions of Israeli media coverage of the revolution in Egypt, especially its strategic and economic consequences for Israel, and Israeli reliance...

  • The Palestinian Authority and the inactivated pressure cards it has against Israel

    Israel always tries to give the impression that the side that holds the cards can dictate what it wants to its enemies, where enemy leaders would have no other choice but to accept what Tel Aviv has to offer. So, in response to the PA leadership’s decision to go to...

  • A Summary of: Israel In the grip of religious Zionists

    The overwhelming majority of officers who attended the Annual Conference of High Officers in the Israeli army convened recently, are religious Zionists. Former director of the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) Military Intelligence Shlomo Gazit considers the photos of religious high-ranking generals on Israeli TV as they were moving around...