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  • The realities of Jabotinsky’s vision of a Jewish state leaves no place for Palestinians

    Even as Israeli warplanes bomb the Gaza Strip indiscriminately and Israeli settlers terrorise Palestinians in the occupied West Bank, Western officials, state actors and the international community discuss the future and the possibility of “peace” and resolving the “Israeli-Palestinian conflict”. Reuters reported that, “Senior US, Arab and European officials...

  • Decolonisation and the case of Palestine

    The situation in Palestine cannot be seen as a simple military occupation; it is much more than that. Israel’s geopolitical strategy involves not only occupying the land of Palestine, but also controlling the Palestinian people through ethnic cleansing, forced displacement and isolation. Thus, any understanding of the context of...

  • The Palestinian struggle against the Iron Wall

    Ever since the commencement of what is referred to as the “Israeli war” with Palestinians in Gaza, the Western discourse from the mainstream bourgeois media has not ceased. These outlets have continued examining the ongoing situation with a significant pro-Israel bias, laden with racial implications favoring whiteness and colonial...