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Janet Smith

Janet Smith is an executive editor at The Star newspaper in Johannesburg and the co-author of “A Life Too Short”, a biography of assassinated ANC leader Chris Hani, and “The Coming Revolution”, a book about Julius Malema and the Economic Freedom Fighters.


Items by Janet Smith

  • BDS activists face challenges in South Africa, but are determined not to stop

    When he was in South Africa in July 2014, Omar Barghouti told a story about the Second Intifada. It was the early 2000s, a decade which had started with the then Israeli opposition leader Ariel Sharon visiting Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem. For Palestinians living under settler-colonialism in the West Bank...

  • Supporting a righteous fight for freedom

    Journalists in South Africa under attack for supporting Palestine are not alone. All over the world, we face the same hate, mostly from Zionists. The only differences between our antagonists are that they don’t all speak the same language, and may use different tactics to adapt to their domain....