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Jospeh Benzekri

Jospeh Benzekri is a Tunisian businessman based in Paris, France. He is active in North African civil society as an advocate for increased regional integration. 


Items by Jospeh Benzekri

  • Oil sheikhs turning to renewables: greenwashing or real change?

    Abu Dhabi’s World Future Energy Summit (WFES) came at a volatile time for global energy markets, especially since its final day came just twenty-four hours before Donald Trump’s inauguration in the United States. While the WFES – held under the patronage of Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Zayed – focused...

  • The end of America as Human Rights Champion

    When Fidel Castro died on Friday, it seemed for a moment that Donald Trump’s America would revert back to being a voice on democracy and human rights. Trump’s Vice President-to-be, Mike Pence, responded by tweeting about “standing with the oppressed Cuban people,” while Trump himself promised to help the Cuban people...