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Mahrukh Khan

Mahrukh Khan is a Research Fellow at the Institute of Strategic Studies Islamabad. Her areas of focus are the United States, Pakistan-US Relations and the United Nations.


Items by Mahrukh Khan

  • Humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza - dream or a reality?

    The United Nations Security Council recently adopted a resolution, proposed by Malta on 15 November, 2023, urgently urging the implementation of prolonged humanitarian pauses and the establishment of corridors spanning the entirety of the Gaza Strip. The primary objective of the agenda plan is to facilitate the unimpeded delivery...

  • Palestine-Israel is a UN masterclass in failure¬†

    Since 2007, the densely populated Gaza Strip, a Palestinian enclave with a population exceeding 2.2 million, has experienced a comprehensive blockade enforced by the State of Israel and its allies. This blockade imposes a multifaceted array of restrictions that encompass control over airspace, land borders and maritime access, with...