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  • Exodus from Egypt

    Even the Merit Publishing House founder and director, Mohamed Hashem, decided to leave Egypt. He posted what could only be described as a departure speech on his Facebook page last Wednesday: “I would not have left it if it weren’t for the repulsiveness there.” Hashem also wrote; “I respect Al-Sisi’s...

  • A revealing phone conversation

    I was having lunch when my Egyptian line rang. The caller was Dr Osama al-Ghazali Harb, head of the Democratic Front Party, a member of the National Salvation Front, a former member of the dissolved National Democratic Party’s policy secretariat, and former editor in chief of the International Politics...

  • Morsi's trial, between "Defiance" and "hysteria"

    “Defiant” and “challenge” are the words that have been prevalent in most foreign media’s description of deposed president Mohammed Morsi’s trial and his refusal to acknowledge the legitimacy of the court trying him during the first session on Monday, November 4. However, the Egyptian newspapers and television stations, both...