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  • Is the story of Al-Halbousi over?

    In an unusual precedent in the Iraqi political process, the Speaker of the Iraqi Council of Representatives was dismissed, based on an order issued by the Federal Supreme Court, as Mohammed Rikan Al-Halbousi, the most powerful Sunni political leader in Iraq, was convicted of the crime of forgery. This...

  • The return of conscription in Iraq

    The status of the army in Iraqi society has always been controversial, with debates about patriotism, the development of the concept of masculinity, serving the flag and such like. Commentators have noted that reintroducing conscription will be a way to weld social groups together in the ranks, where differences,...

  • Daesh detention centres are ticking time bombs in Iraq

    The incident of the attack on the Sina’a Prison in the Syrian city of Al-Hasakah, the subsequent rebellion in the prison, and the escape attempt by hundreds of detained Daesh fighters set off alarm bells in the region, specifically in Iraq and Syria, the two countries that witnessed the...