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Safa Othmani

Safa is a dedicated scholar, writer and advocate with a profound academic background. She obtained Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in English Literature with top honours. Having served as a university teacher specialising in postcolonial anglophone literature, she actively contributed to shaping discussions and understanding within academic circles. Her extensive experience extends beyond academia, having held roles as a senior editor and translation manager with reputable international organisations including the Palestinian Return Centre, USAID, Al Jazeera Centre for Studies, and the Action Group for Palestinians of Syria.


Items by Safa Othmani

  • Narrative weaponisation in Israel’s war on Gaza

    Last week, an Israeli-French woman who was among scores of Israelis taken hostage by Palestinian Resistance group, Hamas, claimed a Hamas militant raped her “with his eyes”, as she was “closed in a dark room, not allowed to talk, not allowed to be seen, to be heard, hidden”. 21-year-old Mia...

  • Gaza’s children: Victims of war or superheroes?

    To be a child in Gaza is living on borrowed time. The footage of a Palestinian fetus dead in a Gaza hospital last month, after the mother was killed in an Israeli air strike, showed the world the horrors of giving birth and being born in the besieged enclave. From mass...