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  • Christian-Muslim relations in Palestine

    Briefing Paper – June 2010 An overview of the Christian presence in Palestine The estimated number of Palestinian Christians in the West Bank, the Gaza Strip and Jerusalem is 51,710, making the percentage of the Palestinian Christians in the Occupied Territories two percent of the Palestinian population.i There is, in contrast,...

  • The Condition of Palestinian Women and Children in Israeli Jails

    Overview The treatment of Palestinian detainees in Israeli prisons does not comply with international human rights or with international humanitarian law standards. This report examines how these international law violations are accentuated in the cases of detained women and children. Due to the fact that women and children are vulnerable subjects,...

  • Universal Jurisdiction Against Israeli Officials

    European Efforts to Apply the Principle of Universal Jurisdiction Against Israeli Officials Summary Points: Universal Jurisdiction is a principle in international law whereby states claim criminal jurisdiction over persons whose alleged crimes were committed outside the boundaries of the prosecuting state, regardless of nationality, country of residence, or any other relation...