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  • They want a ‘people without a cause’

    There are many players today in the international and regional political arena who are contributing to the liquidation of the Palestinian cause. There is a consensus that the current period of time we are living in is the most difficult for us as Palestinians in the history of our...

  • Ramallah’s movement against sanctions on Gaza

    They say it’s better to come late than never, and that is what happened with the Ramallah march. The march called for lifting the sanctions imposed on the Gaza Strip and despite the fact that it came late it was still an important event occurring on the internal Palestinian...

  • A new policy to face Great Return marches

    For five weeks Israel has failed to stop the Great Return marches. This is because Israel never expected the marches to be like this. Israel had counted on the marches withering due to insufficient participation. Yet instead the numbers on the march swelled as Israel looked on, perplexed. However, these marches...