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Many questions remain after Bardo Museum attack

On the morning of 18 March, Yassine Labidi woke up in his middle-class home in Kech el Ghaba, a suburb of Tunis. Like every other morning he had breakfast at home and then left for work before 10 o'clock. But this was not a normal Wednesday. After one hour at work, at around 11 am, Labidi told his sister, who works at the same place, that he had to run an errand for his boss. However, he didn't go back. Instead, he met 19-year-old Saber Khachnaoui and together they went on to commit one of the worst terrorist attacks in Tunisia's history.


The Tunisian museum atrocity and the engineering of renewed chaos

Mohamed Hnaid

Crimes, bombings and killings are a basic ingredient of Arab news channels these days. However, the symbolism and effects of some crimes go beyond mere news. Their dimensions go way beyond the limits of normal crimes in their awfulness, making them a sign of a wider agenda that goes beyond the local time, place and effects.


Prosecuting the iconic figures and creating the skittish gazelle

Ehsan Faqih

"Teach the lion the skittishness of the gazelle, and erase the lion's history"


Tunis graffiti ignites social debate

Tunisian Graffiti

The revolution in Tunisia didn't spread through social media alone. Along with the internet, young Tunisians chose the street walls as the means to express their hope and rage.


Will Tunisians stand united in fight against terrorism?

Tunisians with flagsAs Tunisia experienced its worst terrorist attack in years Tunisians remain determined to stand united against any terrorism threat. However, exactly how united is the Tunisian population?


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