Tuesday, December 01 2015

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Is Libya on the brink of a humanitarian crisis?

File photo of a Libyan Dawn fighter

As the conflict and violence in Libya persists, the situation on the ground is deteriorating. Libyan citizens continue to struggle with price increases for basic commodities, while at the same time many experience delays in state salary payments.


Cultural provocation won’t change political tendencies

Abderrahim Chalfaouat

In Moroccan politics, the recurrence of — often hot — cultural frictions on such issues as personal freedoms, language policy or artistic events reveal hidden socio-political divergence. Their politicisation expresses discrepancies over the nature and future of the state that political parties and social movements yearn for. When summer festivals, for instance, host controversial guests, opposition prompts police brutality, to exemplify not only cultural difference, but rather what Moroccans call “dictatorship of the minority”.


Cameron is letting oil-rich Gulf bullies dictate his foreign policy

Mohamed Morsi

Of all the things the government might wish to encourage around the world, now more than ever, democracy and its accompanying dignities should be high on the list. And certainly there was praise in Downing Street when four years ago, amid jubilation and a stunningly high turnout, the Arab spring brought free and fair elections to Egypt. This was a distant cry from the present-day horrors of Islamic State and its visitations of violence across borders: surely the polling booths were no threat to western city streets.The Muslim Brotherhood-inspired government that followed this festival of voting showed its inexperience and did too little to build broader support, particularly with liberals. Yet it easily avoided the criminal abuses of power and violence that have characterised military dictatorship in Egypt since Gamal Abdel Nasser – and it had the considerable merit of being elected, in a region where that was a remarkable distinction. So it was no surprise that senior members of the ruling Freedom and Justice party were lauded guests in London, even visiting Chequers to break bread with David Cameron in his country home.


Deaths in Egyptian prisons have trebled in the last three years

Dr Tarek El-Ghandour photographed with his familyVIDEO & IMAGES

Ayah El-Ghandour says that her father was murdered. Arrested and taken from his home in the middle of the night Dr Tarek El-Ghandour was everything that the Egyptian regime despises: anti-government, anti-regime ideology, affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood and professor of dermatology and venereal diseases at Ain Shams University, an institution that has hosted several anti-coup student protests.


Egyptian army contaminates Palestinian soil on Gaza border

The Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, which has been ruling the Gaza Strip since mid-2007, has called on Egypt a number of times to stop pumping seawater into the Palestinian soilEXCLUSIVE IMAGES & VIDEO 

Walking along the Palestine-Egypt border between the Gaza Strip and Sinai Peninsula nowadays is a dangerous adventure. You might, for example, fall deep underground in a hole made by the seawater pumped into the area by the Egyptian army.


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