Sunday, August 02 2015

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The failure of political Islam?

Islamic Jihad soldiers prayingIn 1994, Harvard University Press published the English edition of a book by the eminent French political scientist Olivier Roy. The Failure of Political Islam had a powerful impact on policy-making circles, as well as among students of modern Islam and the Middle East, be they academics or think-tankers.


Britain wants to extradite Sousse terror suspects

Yvonne Ridley

Speculation is mounting that Britain's relations with Tunisia have become strained after discussions about the extradition of Sousse terror suspects to the UK were rejected. Less than 24 hours after Tunisia's prime minister announced that it would refuse to hand over any of its nationals, the government in Westminster ordered the evacuation of all British tourists.


The International Criminal Court is unfit for purpose

International Criminal Court

The debate that has opened up regarding the International Criminal Court as a consequence of South Africa's decision not to arrest Sudanese president Omar al-Bashir while he was attending the recent African Union summit in Johannesburg and Palestine's successful application to join the court is long overdue.


What to expect from the retrial of Al-Jazeera staff in Egypt

Al-Jazeera StudioWith less than a week left before the 30 July retrial of the remaining two Al-Jazeera journalists detained in Egypt, tensions are running high over what might happen next. The Egyptian government is currently holding Mohammed Fahmy and Baher Mohamed on charges of inciting terrorism and being a threat to national security; their colleague Peter Greste was held on the same charges until February. Not only do the journalists and Al-Jazeera deny the allegations, but there has also been insufficient evidence to support the charges. All of the journalists have suffered since their arrest by the Egyptian authorities on 29 December 2013, facing psychological torture and solitary confinement.


From Chaos and Counterrevolution: After the Arab Spring (Libya extract)

Libyan protestors with flagUnlike Egypt, where, at the outset, I mostly felt I was sharing a transformative moment with exciting potential for the country, its people, and possibly the region—even the world—the turmoil in Libya never generated such hope.


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