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What annoys Al-Sisi about Hassan Salameh?

Saleh Al-NaamiAbdel Fattah Al-Sisi knows full well that Hassan Salameh, one of the most prominent leaders of the Ezzedine Al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of Hamas, has been in an Israeli prison for 19 years. He is also aware that his decision to involve Hassan Salameh in the prison-break case and sentence him to death would be another rarity and an occasion highlighting the sadness and chaos occurring in "Umm al-Dunya" since he seized power. However, Al-Sisi has decided to disregard public opinion in Egypt and the Arab world in favour of pleasing those he believes will help him reinforce the foundations of his government. The sentencing to death in absentia of Hassan Salameh is a message to Israel's leaders that they were right to count on Al-Sisi and that he is providing them with the goods.


On suspect 33 in the farcical trial

Khalil Al-AnaniThe farcical trial of suspects accused of espionage has led to the judgement being referred to Egypt's Grand Mufti to ratify or reject the death sentences. The details and documents in this case are full of ironies and strange stories that reveal the magnitude of the decline in the country's legal and judicial system.


Al-Baradei's rejected gift and the doyen of rubbish collectors

Wael QandilBy the consensus of objective Egyptian political affairs' observers and analysts, the testimony of Dr Muhammad Al-Baradei "and he is said to be a doctor" stands out as the most serious indictment document pertaining to the crime of the coup against the nascent democracy in Egypt.


Tunisia and the Islamic State PR-machine

Tataouine, TunisiaSince the terrorist attack targeting the Bardo Museum there has been an increase in media reports claiming that Tunisia is becoming the next Islamic State (IS) conquest. Judging from some of the coverage you'd be excused for believing that the radical movement was already setting up camps in the country, however, argues Tunisian political analyst Youssef Cherif, it is important to not play in the hands of IS.


Al-Sisi distances himself from Al-Badawi leaks

Jamal SultanThe audio recordings attributed to Wafd Party leader Al-Sayyid Al-Badawi and leaked by journalist Abd Al-Rahim Ali yesterday came as a big surprise.


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