Saturday, September 05 2015

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The Egyptian government is taking a stand by imprisoning Al Jazeera journalists

Iqbal SonaullahThe recent verdict by an Egyptian court that sent three Al Jazeera journalists to prison reflects that freedom of the press in Egypt doesn’t mean you can write against President Abdel Fatah Al-Sisi, and that the judiciary is to serve the dictatorship in Egypt. To put it simply, it is not a verdict, it is a position – of the dictator. Anybody who raises their voice against that position will perish.


In Morocco, reform is the electoral challenge

[File photo of a woman voting]Among the Arab Spring developments, Morocco has positioned itself as an exceptional political experience in the region. The monarchy, Islamist-led government and opposition parties and groups have generally agreed on the strategic narrative that sacrificing stability — via demanding regime change — risks not only overturning the political square but also changing the current geopolitical map completely. As a result, Morocco has been portrayed as a flagship of a state initiating political change without giving up the benefits of socio-economic stability.


What would happen if the Brotherhood threw in the towel in Egypt?

Dr Basheer M. Nafi

The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt is being subjected to the most vicious onslaught of repression and terrorism ever exercised by the Egyptian state against its people since the birth of modern Egypt. Just like previous regimes, the current Egyptian regime is obsessed with the idea that it can uproot the Muslim Brotherhood from society and from the political arena.


Are we human beings?

Dr Abdul Wahab Al-EffendiIt makes you think when a Syrian official comments on the Douma massacres, in which hundreds were killed last week, and says that they did not actually occur. According to this official - the foreign minister no less - the devastation and destruction resulting from the bombing of a Syrian market place by regime aircraft, which people observed with their own eyes, was nothing more than “fabricated news presented through artful media”.


'Islamic State' pretence and the upcoming wars in Libya

ISIS rebels marching in Syria Another war is in the making in Libya: the questions are ‘how’ and ‘when’? While the prospect of another military showdown is unlikely to deliver Libya from its current security upheaval and political conflict, it is likely to change the very nature of conflict in that rich, but divided, Arab country.


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