Friday, July 03 2015

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Will the Egyptian regime change its stance on Hamas?

File photo of Hamas supporters at a rally to celebrate the group's anniversary, in Gaza CityWe are not placing an Egyptian court's refusal to classify Hamas among its watch list of terrorist groups within the context of this question. It was, after all, a decision that resulted from recent developments and, therefore, the natural progression of an expected outcome. Placing Hamas indefinitely on a terrorism list would mean cutting off the group indefinitely and entirely; this would prevent it from participating in any way in the Palestinian arena. The question would then become, how could those who want to become involved in Palestinian political circles do so without dealing with the strongest group within them?


Is Tunisia fighting terrorism or fuelling terrorism?

Tunisians with flagsTerrorism has hit Tunisia once again, and hard, while the voices condemning the terrorists and calling for them to be fought have increased. However, what is visible to the public eye regarding this terrorist operation and others like it explains nothing about them.


No understanding, no solution

Dr Hilary Wise

The political rhetoric emerging in the aftermath of the massacre in Tunisia is predictable, maybe inevitable. It is also exploitative of human suffering and will make future attacks more, not less likely.


Sisi is pushing Egypt to the brink

David Hearst

Abdel Fattah al-Sisi gave on Tuesday the clearest indication so far that he intends to hang the democratically elected president whose power he usurped. Railing against the inability of the state to deal with the militant insurgency he himself stoked, Sisi pledged legislation to allow his courts to dispense summary justice.


The crisis within the ranks of the Muslim Brotherhood

File photo of Muslim Brotherhood supporters praying during an anti-coup protestA crisis exists within the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood. It is described at times as the generational conflict. At other times it is seen as a dispute over the strategy of standing up to the 3 July 2013 regime.


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