Saturday, February 06 2016

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America decides: the Syrian people must leave, not Assad

Abdul Wahab BadrakhanAmerica has revealed its choice and biases over Syria: it is saying no to the Syrian people and yes to Bashar Al-Assad; no to Saudi Arabia and Turkey and yes to Russia and Iran. The game of nations and powers supports injustice in Syria. The priority is the fight against terrorism, as they define it, but with a political solution like that being prepared through the Kerry-Lavrov understandings; no one should wonder where extremism comes from, because these understandings are laying the foundations for the new terrorism of the post-Daesh period.


What’s still wrong with the ‘War on Terror’?

PrDr. Philip Leechesident Barack Obama’s final “State of the Union” speech to the US Congress addressed some controversial issues. In particular, though, when it came to US policy in the Middle East, the president made a serious gaff; he claimed that current conflicts in the region – complex as they are – “date back millennia”.


US paranoia and the affective life of documents

In the current era of xenophobia and paranoia, where every new face represents a potential threat and the media delights in stoking public hysteria about the looming presence of “radicalism”, “extremism” and “terrorism” (more often than not equated in some way with Islam), the documents one holds, the papers and visas one is able to acquire, more or less defines one’s worth on the stage of international politics.


Beware 'Sunni-Stan': Neocons are Back and Their 'Vision' is Darker than Ever

Ramzy Baroud

John Bolton is a tarnished character. The once United States Ambassador to the United Nations is now promoted as a ‘scholar’ in the pro-Israel lobby group, the American Enterprise Institute (AEI).


Clarifying the UN resolution on airstrikes on Syria

Nicolas BoeglinBritish Prime Minister David Cameron appealed to Members of Parliament to vote in favour of airstrikes against Daesh positions in Syria in order to "keep the British people safe" from the threat of terrorism.


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