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Nakba Day is not just about remembering - it is about the Palestinians' return

Two Palestinian children in Gaza sitting on a horse cart67 years ago, the ethnic cleansing of Palestine unfolded through expulsions, massacres, and demolitions. Hundreds of villages were emptied, then levelled; centres of Palestinian urban life and community disappeared; columns of refugees took flight at the barrel of a gun.


When law is the target: Israel's campaign will whitewash war crimes everywhere

Ben WhiteIn 2011, and in response to accusations of war crimes during the final months of conflict with the Tamil Tigers two years previously, the Sri Lankan government convened a conference where then-Minister of External Affairs G. L. Peiris declared that "the entire body of international law must be revisited." Human Rights Watch called the event "a public relations exercise to whitewash abuses."


Courting apartheid: how Israel's top judges rubber-stamp discrimination

Ben WhiteIsrael's Supreme Court has long been held up as a resolute defender of liberal values. Recent decisions handed down by its judges, however, provide an important opportunity to revisit this claim, and to interrogate its past and present validity.


Beyond the ballot box: how Israel's 'Arab voters' are second-class citizens

An Israeli casting her ballot

On Monday, newly re-elected Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu expressed regret for his now notorious remarks on polling day last week, when he warned that Israel's Palestinian citizens were coming out to vote "in droves."


Amongst frustrated allies, patience has run out with Israel

Ben WhiteThe British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond didn't mince his words. Israel, he said, was guilty of "what looks and feels like a deliberate attempt to sabotage the two-state-solution."


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