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Has Iran over reached itself in Yemen?

David Hearst

When the Saudi ambassador in Washington announced the launching of airstrikes and a military intervention in Yemen on Wednesday night, the kingdom surprised everyone - not least Iran.


Palestine's one-state solution

Palestine map

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed to the voters that he would not allow the establishment of a Palestinian state should he win the latest general election. He won, and by doing so he hammered the final nail in the coffin of the peace process and buried the option of the two-state solution, for which the now-failed negotiations began.


Without concrete action, a US 'reassessment' of relations with Israel will mean nothing

Barack Obama with Benjamin Netanyahnu

In recent weeks, the relationship between Israel and its staunch ally the US has been severely strained. The initial catalyst was Israel's opposition to the nuclear deal with Iran that the US and other world powers are hoping to secure by 31 March.


The mockery that is 'security for peace'

Lamis Andoni

Despite their importance, the Palestinian Authority's threats to end security coordination with Israel will not mean anything if they are not part of a larger and broader strategy that includes building Palestinian unity and preparing to face the inevitable Israeli and American punishment. However, we cannot be liberated from the grips of this security coordination without being liberated intellectually from the illusion of the "peace process".


Endless chemical attacks in Syria but useless international action

Abdulrahman al-Masri

Helicopters from Bashar Al-Assad's regime attacked the Syrian village of Sarmin in Idlib province last week, dropping barrel bombs filled with chlorine gas that killed at least six people and wounded dozens more, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights and pro-opposition Local Coordination Committees reported.


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