Sunday, February 14 2016

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The West is playing an old game with the minorities of the Orient

Francois Guizot (1787-1874), France’s foreign minister, and Brugière, Baron de Barante, its ambassador in St Petersburg (the capital of Tsarist Russia) were friends. On 31 December 1840, the minister wrote a special letter to the ambassador in Russia. Guizot started his letter saying "my dear friend, there is no necessity for much explanation between me and you." Perhaps Guizot meant by this phrase to rely on de Barante’s intelligence to comprehend what is intended from his subsequent sentences that were somewhat exploratory. Guizot’s letter goes on to say:


US informs Israel that it will not increase its military aid

Flag of Israel and USA

It was revealed on Monday in Tel Aviv that after nearly three rounds of negotiations between the US and Israel regarding American support for Israel, the path has lead to a dead end. As a result, there are high levels of tensions between the two sides.


A cold civil war in Israel

Helmi Al-Asmar

“Livni suggested that other extremist groups want to turn Israel into a religious law state, a matter that would send Israel over the edge. She also noted that this situation in itself is the end of Zionism.” This statement was made on 10 January 2013. Today, there are legal amendments being studied by the Knesset that would stipulate that the Torah be considered the first source of law, especially in matters that are not addressed legally.


The limits of the ‘French initiative’

Ali JaradatThe refusal of Netanyahu’s governments (three consecutive governments; four in total) to stop its policies of violence, Judaisation and settlement as a condition for negotiations is nothing new compared to the actions of previous Israeli governments, regardless of the parties and trends, since the Madrid Conference in 1991.


Does Palestine need elections?

Lama Khater

It is difficult to give a definite answer to the question of whether or not Palestine needs elections in light of the fact that most of the reconciliation efforts are focusing on this point, and that the majority of the factions are relying on elections for different reasons. These include an improvement in their electoral chances, a change in the status quo, and the utilisation of the suffering and siege to help one side win. However, we are then faced with the internationally-imposed red tape, which only allows one path to be followed without any hindrances.


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