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Hamas: Opportunities and risks in a volatile region

Since the beginning of March of this year, Hamas has conducted a series of political phone calls in various diplomatic directions. Head of the Hamas Political Bureau Khaled Meshaal met up with the Iranian Parliamentary Chairman Ali Larijani where the two men discussed the Palestinian issue and the siege on Gaza. Meshaal then gave his condolences to both Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, for the loss of his mother, and Supreme Leader of Iran Ali Khamenei, for the death of his sister.


British Foreign Policy and the Arab Spring

Why did the British government respond in the way it did to the Arab Spring? 
Some analyses have argued that Britain's inconsistency demonstrates that Britain's policies toward the Middle East in the wake of the uprisings in 2011 was hypocritical. Indeed while Britain condemned government violence in Syria, took military action in Libya it offered only muted comment on brutality in Bahrain, Egypt, Tunisia, and Yemen.


Is regional balance starting with Yemen?

If you want to know the impact of "Decisive Storm" in Yemen on those who were taken aback by it or those who are afraid of it, and what it is likely to lead to, and what is likely to be its outcome in the region, then listen (do not just read) to what was said by Hassan Nasrallah, the Secretary General of the Lebanese Hezbollah, last Friday. The significance of his words does not spring from his own importance but rather from what he represents as an Iranian proxy in the region and as a spokesperson for the Iranian regime in the Levant.


Israel launches tartan charm offensive in 'enemy territory'

Yvonne Ridley

Scotland might be one of the smallest nations in the world but its reputation for hospitality is matched only by its undiluted courage for standing up to bullies. As the Romans discovered when the invasion of "Britannia" began in 43AD, the people in what we now call Scotland were not ready to accept domination by Rome without a fight. Although the land has more Roman marching camps than almost any other, there were no permanent Roman towns and settlements built north of Hadrian's Wall, which ran between Wallsend to the east of Newcastle upon Tyne across to the Solway Firth, more than 70 miles away to the west.


What is hoped-for following 'Decisive Storm'

GCC flags

There is no doubt that the conclusion made by Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) states that they had to take part in "Operation Decisive Storm" was the toughest they have had to make; not because of the difficulty of implementing the attack but because they know that Arab weapons should not be used in military operations inside an Arab country.


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