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Reviving resolution 194

Pierre Krähenbühl

Only a few days after the visit of Commissioner General of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) Pierre Krihnpol to Yarmouk Camp to supervise delivery of food and humanitarian aid to the camp's inhabitants, the situation inside the camp exploded again. Krihnpol returned to Damascus once again and said: "We must remember that we are dealing with a new generation of Palestinian refugees who are facing the shock of dispossession and displacement all over again."


With the focus turning to Anbar now is not the time to forget about Tikrit

Iraqi soldiers against ISIS. [file photo]

With the capture of Tikrit completed last month, Iraqi Security Forces (ISF) have turned to Anbar, hoping to capitalise on their recent victory to lever the Sunni dominated province away from ISIS. The hope is that focusing on Anbar will allow Iraqi PM Haider al-Abadi's government to quieten Sunni suspicions that their communities will be overrun by Iranian aligned Shi'a militias, win new allies and cut off reinforcements for any future assault on the neighbouring strategic city of Mosul. With this in mind, Baghdad has moved to limit the involvement of Shi'a dominated Popular Mobilisation Units and to rely instead on a mixture of ISF and government armed and backed Sunni tribes.


The shock of the Gaza war is still affecting Israel

Dr Adnan Abu Amer

Since the beginning of this month, Israeli media outlets have been publishing a day by day account of the Gaza war last summer, which mentions the Israeli army's failures. The most serious admissions were those made on video by Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defence Committee member Ofer Shelah, and before him by Yoav Galant, former commanding officer in Israel's southern division, regarding the military investigations conducted by the army. The video was aired by Israeli television.


Anti-Semitism is not inevitable

Alastair Sloan

Holocaust Remembrance Day has just been commemorated in Israel. In Europe, Holocaust Memorial Day is held earlier in the year and is, for many reasons, an extraordinary annual event of reflection that is led primarily by representatives of the Jewish faith – done so with a courteous and noble spirit of inclusion and sympathy for the other victimised groups — amongst them homosexuals, Russians, Catholic Poles, the disabled, the Roma and Communist dissidents.


Commemorating the Nakba at a Grim Time

Samah JabrSixty-seven years after the massive expulsion of Palestinians from their homes and lands, the scene in Palestine is grimmer than ever. We observe for example that following almost a year of meetings, the US-backed talks between the Palestinian Authority and Israel fell apart last April. What followed that summer was an escalation of violence and a destructive war on Gaza.


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