Wednesday, November 25 2015

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Syria: Where reason is crushed in the rush to war

David Hearst

The First World War started over less. Jets from Turkey, a member of NATO, shot down a Sukhoi 24 fighter from Russia, a state with around 7,700 nuclear warheads, over Turkey’s border with Syria.


The meddling West offers the Arab world no solution

Yvonne Ridley

The Arab world is in chaos, so much so that artificial borders drawn carefully by Western imperialists a hundred years ago have today become meaningless. Colonial powers like Britain and France are now beginning to taste the unwelcome fruits of those ruler-straight lines mapped out in the dying days of the Ottoman Empire. You reap what you sow.


Israel’s decision to ban the Islamic Movement may just be the tip of the iceberg

Palestinian political activist and religious leader, Shaikh Raed Salah

Israel’s decision to ban the Islamic Movement, led by Shaikh Raed Salah, has opened a new door to confrontation. It also sheds light once again on the reality of their turbulent relationship over the past few years after voices from within the government, parliament and security services have called for incitement against the group. From the nature of this relationship it may be possible to predict Israel’s behaviour against the movement and its prominent figures.


Daesh and the age of brutality

Dr Basheer M. Nafi

I used to think that the violence pursued by al-Qaeda since the 1990s and more recently by the Islamic State (IS/Daesh) was nothing more than an extension of the rebellions that took place in Islam in the Seventh Century - the Khawarij rebellions against the Umayyad and Abbasid Caliphates. Only in the last few months have I realised that my interpretation of this phenomenon was lacking, and perhaps entirely wrong.


Forget Daesh: Humanity is at Stake

US airforce fighter jetI still remember that smug look on his face, followed by the matter-of-fact remarks that had western journalists laugh out loud.


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