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The Saudi transformation and the Egyptian concern

Image from Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al Sisi's meeting with Saudi Arabia's King Salman Bin Abdul Aziz, in Riyadh todayIt is clear that Egypt has been hit by anxiety after the death of King Abdullah bin Abd Al-Aziz. It is also obvious that the source of this anxiety is the Egyptian apprehension about the political inclinations of the new Saudi Monarch, King Salman bin Abd Al-Aziz. This anxiety has been expressed more than anyone else by the Egyptian media. It is often reported in this media that the position of King Salman is not decisive nor is it final regarding the Muslim Brotherhood as used to be the position of the late King and that he is more inclined toward a rapprochement and perhaps even toward an alliance with Qatar and Turkey. It is concluded, therefore, that his position toward Egypt might have its own limits, conditions and prerequisites, most of which had not been in existence during the days of the late King Abdullah bin Abd Al-Aziz. In other words, there is concern regarding the possibility of a withdrawal of Saudi support for Egypt or that this support may become part of a new political package that new Saudi Monarch my regard as important. It is more likely that this anxiety had been in existence within Egyptian leadership circles even prior the death of the late king and before it was expressed publicly following his death.


Continually displaced, Palestinian refugees suffer in Iraq

A view of the Baharka Internally Displaced Persons campKhadra Ibrahim, shakes her head at the mention of her current home - a cramped, but well-kept, refugee tent in Baharka Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) camp, near Erbil in the north of Iraq. Ibrahim is the matriarch of one of the eighteen families of refugees at the IDP camp. Unlike the displaced Iraqi families at Baharka, this life isn't temporary for the Palestinians, she says - this is just how life is for a Palestinian refugee.


Sinan Antoon: The haunting poetry of death

Sinan Antoon"What does it mean when a society disintegrates? What do people do? How do they make sense of a world in which the human dimension is missing completely?"


Settlements are growing constant in Israeli politics

Nizar Al-Sahli

The issue of settlements and the confiscation of land in the occupied Palestinian territories is at the heart of the debate and controversy over the decades-long negotiations.


The myth of a political solution in Syria

Burhan Ghalioun

No sane person believes that it is possible to reach a political solution with Bashar Al-Assad and his supporters, who include Iran's Ali Khamenei; it was just as true to say that no sane person in Europe could believe that it was possible to reach a political solution with Adolf Hitler.


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