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LIVE BLOG: Where now for Palestine: Abdelwahab Elmessiri's thoughts on Zionism

Abdelwahab Elmessiri Memorial Lecture

Annual lecture to honour the memory, scholarship and achievements of the late Egyptian thinker

Lecture to be delivered by Ronnie Kasrils, prominent South African anti-apartheid activist and politician. The event will be chaired by Victoria Brittain. Read their profiles.

Yasmina Allouche will be live blogging the event on May 19th, from 6.30pm BST.


A window onto Israeli settlers’ gardens

Wounded installation at Ffotogallery (© Marc Arkless, 2015)

In ancient Mesopotamia kings would return from conquests with plants. They were trophies in the same way treasure was and there was a certain status attached to procuring them: "A garden represents wealth to acquire and buy the plants; wealth to have people to look after them and wealth of water especially in that region. They're a status symbol and a symbol of power," British artist Corinne Silva tells me.


LIVE BLOG: World Social Forum: Tunisia 2015

World Social Forum: Tunisia 2015

This year's World Social Forum looks at justice, equality and dignity in the Middle East and beyond. Hosted in the cradle of the Arab Spring, Tunis, the forum kicked off Tuesday with a protest in solidarity of last week's Bardo museum attack which left over 20 dead. Activists, civil society organisations and journalists united under the slogan, "people of the world against terrorism," in support of the country's peace transition to democracy.

Amelia Smith will be live blogging the conference from 7.00am GMT on March 25th, 2015.


Change starts here: the Human Rights Watch Film Festival

Publicity photo from the 'Beats of the Antonov', a film made from an 'artistic, musical, ethnographic perspective'"Films always bring this personal, individual narrative to the story, which I don't think you find so easily elsewhere," comments Andrea Holley, strategic director of the Human Rights Watch Film Festival, on the merits of addressing human rights through creative storytelling. Cinema can take a viewer deeper into the subject, she says, because filmmakers spend long periods of time getting to know communities in places that are hard to reach.


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