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LIVE BLOG: Parliamentary Debate: UK contribution to preventing conflict in Gaza

Parliamentary Debate: UK contribution to preventing conflict in Gaza

Michael McCann MP, vice-chair of Labour Friends of Israel, will be leading a parliamentary discussion on the British role in preventing conflict in Gaza.

Ben White, Jessica Purkiss and Yasmina Allouche will be live blogging this parliamentary session on February 25th, from 2.30pm GMT.

You can also watch the session live on


Poetry and exile at the British Museum

Mona SaudiMany artists have been inspired to paint after reading Mahmoud Darwish's poems. Three of Mona Saudi's reflections on his words, on display at the British Museum and entitled 'Homage to Mahmoud Darwish', depict rectangular, intertwined figures balanced on top of blocks, surrounded by lines of his poetry. The drawings were intended to be a gift for the poet's birthday in 2009 but he died in August 2008.


Simon Norfolk on war, imperialism and photographing both in Afghanistan

Simon Norfolk - Afghanistan BalloonsPhotographer Simon Norfolk's best known photograph is of the shell of a tea house in Afghanistan. A balloon seller is set against the back drop of the ruined building. Other work includes a photograph of an empty, cracked swimming pool in the grounds of the destroyed Afghan Presidential palace in Darul Aman; a bullet-scarred outdoor cinema in Kabul; and a crumbling victory arch built to celebrate Afghanistan's independence from the British: all are fragmented reminders of past rulers, empires and wars.


Early photographs reveal British interests in a fading Ottoman Empire

The Prince of Wales and group at the Pyramids, Giza, March 5, 1862 [Royal Collection Trust / © Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II 2014] In the Queen's Gallery, London, Sophie Gordon draws my attention to a collection of papyri on the wall. They have faded with age and some are ripped across the bottom, but where they remain intact it's possible to see Ra, the ancient Egyptian solar deity, make his journey from the earth, through the underworld and back up again.


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