Wednesday, February 10 2016

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Dr Hanan Chehata

Articles by Dr Hanan Chehata

15.08.11 Russian journalist receives "death threats" for supporting Palestinians

03.08.11 Spinwatch exposes links between pro-Israeli groups and Islamophobic British think-tanks

14.07.11 Just Journalism or just Zionism?

07.07.11 Danny Rothschild fails to appear at parliamentary event and flees back to Israel

02.07.11 Has the Islamic Movement leader become the UK's first Palestinian political prisoner?

06.05.11 Omar Barghouti, founding member of BDS movement, calls on celebrities to rally around international campaign to Boycott Israel

06.04.11 Freedom Flotilla 2 set to break the siege of Gaza

30.03.11 Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions - The global struggle for Palestinian Rights

30.03.11 An evening with Ramzy Baroud

15.03.11 Israel manipulates tragedy to advance its own harassment of Palestinians

13.03.11 European poll reveals changing perceptions of conflict in Palestine

02.02.11 The Egyptian revolutionary spirit will not be crushed by a lacklustre British media

12.01.11 Israel tries to export its own brand of censorship

04.01.11 Important calls in the British media for movement on Palestine in 2011

29.11.10 Middle East Monitor and Friends of Al-Aqsa Parliamentary delegation to the West Bank and Israel

26.11.10 Foreign Office claims that British policy will change "to reflect Arab concerns"

12.10.10 Who is Christopher Lockwood? The mysterious British citizen using the name of a "dead" Israeli soldier in Al-Mabhouh hit squad

29.09.10 UN report into flotilla attack exposes Israeli lies and criminality

20.09.10 Israeli-Palestinian negotiations

Israel Turns its Guns on Internationals

19.09.10 The pitiful Zionist Federation: forever out of touch with reality

01.09.10 Uncovered: the unholy Zionist-EDL alliance

31.08.10 62 days and counting - Jerusalemite MPs still seeking sanctuary in International Red Cross offices

29.08.10 Israel’s shameless mouthpiece

23.08.10 Israeli censorship

17.08.10 The IDF's sociopathic mentality towards Palestinians: a reflection of the Israeli "state of mind"

13.08.10 Like a spoilt brat, Israel ignores its critical friend

12.08.10 Israel releases bogus video to implicate MK Zoabi

08.07.10 William Hague welcomes "new strategic partnership" with Turkey

06.07.10 Exclusive interview with Haneen Zoubi interview part one

09.06.10 Exclusive interview with IHH spokesperson Omar Farooq

09.06.10 Exclusive MEMO interview with Greta Berlin

03.06.10 First British survivor of the flotilla massacre comes home. "It was like a horror movie" says Sarah Colborne

26.05.10 The Cultural Genocide of Palestine

15.04.10 Why Israel should not be allowed to join the OECD

The West Bank and the illusion of economic prosperity

09.04.10 Richard Falk: "I believe that Hamas should be treated as a political actor"

07.04.10 Church leaders condemn Israel and Christian Zionism

06.04.10 Failure of attempts to discredit the Goldstone report and its authors

26.03.10 A glimmer of hope for the London-Gaza protesters

25.03.10 MEMO's interview with Karen Abu-Zayd

24.03.10 Israel: Britain's fair weather "friend"

18.03.10 Dispatches: The Children of Gaza

16.03.10 Where are the champions of human rights when it comes to the jailing of young Muslim protesters in London?

14.03.10 Civil court case into the death of peace activist crushed to death by Israeli bulldozer in 2003 finally begins

11.03.10 Isn't it time for America to re-evaluate its "special relationship" with Israel?

11.03.10 Opposing Apartheid: Palestine and the Experience of South Africa - with Ilan Pappe and Ronnie Kasrils

09.03.10 While Desmond Travers argues for prohibition of certain weapons, ex-head of Shin Bet says forget the past and move on!

26.02.10 Out of control Israel does its best to provoke a third Intifada

17.02.10 How did the assassins obtain British Passports?

16.02.10 Harsh sentences seem more likely to deter lawful protest rather than violent disorder

14.02.10 Blind peer takes a message of solidarity and support to the disabled in Gaza

10.02.10 Gaza protesters to be sentenced despite allegations of police brutality

03.02.10 In a startling disclosure to MEMO Colonel Desmond Travers questions the credibility of a recent Israeli report as well as a BBC Newsnight report

"Gaza is the only gulag in the Western hemisphere; maintained by democracies; closed-off from food, water, air" says Colonel Desmond Travers, co-author of the Goldstone report, in an exclusive MEMO interview

22.01.10 UK Solidarity Event: Gaza one year on

19.01.10 Children of Gaza donate towards Haiti disaster

14.01.10 The goodwill of a truly international convoy

06.01.10 Viva Palestina's bumpy road

01.01.10 Egypt casts itself in the role of villain as it tries to block Viva Palestina convoy

27.12.09 Christmas en-route to Gaza

27.12.09 Saturday, 26 December 2009- Boxing Day

24.12.09 MEMO Exclusive - Interview with Dr Bouthaina Shaaban on her personal views about Israel, Palestine and Syria‘s role on the world stage

21.12.09 Viva Palestina MEMO Diaries Day 3

21.12.09 Viva Palestina MEMO Diaries 2009; Day 1 & Day 2a

21.12.09 Misconceptions about Palestinian refugee camps in Syria

11.12.09 The plight and flight of Palestinian Christians

01.12.09 "In Conversation with John Ging" Head of UNWRA

26.11.09 International Palestine Solidarity Day marked with an urgent call for the international community to stop aiding and abetting Israeli oppression of the Palestinian people

20.11.09 The global civil campaign against Israeli apartheid gathers momentum

10.11.09 "A Monument of Enslavement" - Israel's Apartheid Wall proves that nothing has been learnt from the Berlin Wall era.

02.11.09 Why Israel's deliberate withholding of water from the Palestinian people has gone far beyond crisis point.

31.10.09 How young Muslims are paying the price for their protests against Israeli atrocities in the Gaza Conflict.

MEMO welcomes the British mission to send British police and intelligence officers to the West Bank to put an end to the torture of Palestinians which is currently funded by British taxpayers.

21.10.09 The rise of Jewish criticism of Israel

19.10.09 Yedioth Ahronoth: "A predictable setback in Gaza" - "Israel's growing isolation"

16.10.09 Rebuttal to the Times Editorial - "The Gaza Trap"

12.10.09 It's not just about Iran

08.10.09 Palestinians should trust Obama

05.10.09 Robert D. Kaplan's article "Why I Love Al Jazeera"


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