Wednesday, February 10 2016

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Samira Quraishy

Articles by Samira Quraishy

15.10.10 A Discourse on Domination in Mandate Palestine: Imperialism, Property and Insurgency

07.10.10 September 2010 Monthly Media Digest

06.10.10 Justice Minister confirms to MEMO his intention to amend law on Universal Jurisdiction - Move likely to destabilize coalition

01.10.10 Michael White in conversation with Sir Gerald Kaufman MP at the Labour Conference

30.09.10 Newly-elected Labour leader speaks at Friends of Palestine fringe event

21.09.10 Lib Dem leader Clegg attends Friends of Israel fringe meeting, but ignores Friends of Palestine

06.09.10 August 2010 Monthly Media Digest

20.08.10 Netanyahu fishing for new friends in the Mediterranean

14.08.10 How do you solve a problem like Syria?

08.08.10 Israel's objective in Iran is regime change not nuclear containment

05.07.10 July 2010 Monthly Media Digest

09.06.10 June 2010 Monthly Media Digest

08.06.10 May 2010 Monthly Media Digest

04.05.10 April 2010 Monthly Media Digest

01.04.10 March 2010 Monthly Media Digest

11.03.10 Isn't it time for America to re-evaluate its "special relationship" with Israel?

05.03.10 February 2010 Monthly Media Digest

03.03.10 The Government of Gaza on the arrest and detention of British Journalist Paul Martin

09.02.10 Why are we surprised that Mossad used fake passports?

15.02.10 Who does Livni think she is to want to "shame" our government?

12.02.10 UK government throwing money into risky hands

05.02.10 January 2010 Monthly Media Digest

27.01.10 Sewage collapse threatens health of Palestinians in Gaza

15.01.10 Israel apologises to Turkey for humiliating ambassador

16.12.09 Growing outrage over British government suggestion to change the law to protect suspected Israeli war criminals

11.12.09 Jewish settlers accused of Arson attack on New West Bank Mosque

11.12.09 British government guidelines on settlement produce a step in the right direction

22.11.09 More Detentions and Torture in the West Bank

12.10.09 The Judaization of Jerusalem

15.07.09 American Foreign Policy & the Muslim World


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