Saturday, February 13 2016

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Zulaikha Abdullah

by Zulaikha Abdullah


28.02.2011 What are the implications for Middle East - North Africa unrest for the future of the Israeli-Palestine peace process?

06/01/2011 Ivory Coast, Palestine, democracy, and the rule of law

21/12/2010 Does international recognition for a Palestinian state really mean anything?

10/12/2010 Hague "disappointed" at Israeli refusal to extend settlement freeze

26/10/2010 Are peace negotiations without Palestinian national reconciliation viable?

21/10/2010 Another formula to domesticate Hamas

31/08/2010 Hague and an ethical foreign policy

26/08/2010 Defending the indefensible: Israel's Wikipedia war

17/08/2010 US -Turkey relations hang in the balance over Israel

16/07/2010 Germany redefines relations with israel

07/07/2010 "A promise is a promise, a date is a date and on September 26 we start building again."

18/06/2010 Israeli proposal to "ease" blockade on Gaza does not go far enough

13/06/2010 Israel's Domestic Ticking Time Bomb

06/04/2010 An Analysis of the Tory Foreign Policy Framework Toward the Middle East

13/04/2010 Will the US Autumn Initiative Bring anything new to the table?

15/03/2010 Armistice Now - New Bottle Old Wine

04/03/2010 Open Letter to Prime Minister Gordon Brown, 2

27/02/2010 Open Letter to Prime Minister Gordon Brown, 1

22/02/2010 Reckless Posturing Sparks Renewed Tensions Between Syria and Israel

11/02/2010 The Middle East Conflict in British Universities

05/02/2010 Putting the independence of the British Judiciary to the Test

04/02/2010 Too Little Too Late

21/01/2010 The Middle East Peace Process, 2003 - Present

19/11/2009 Obama Needs to Get Tough With Israel if He is to Retain any Credibility and Fulfil His 'Cairo Promise'

16/11/2009 Middle East Deadlock: A Consequence of US Bias and Israeli Intransigence

11/11/2009 Palestine in Pieces: Graphic Perspectives on the Israeli Occupation

23/11/2009 Israeli Racism in Theory and Practice

23/10/2009 Trade before Justice

10/08/2009 Bad News from Israel

30/06/2009 Israeli Settler Violence Against Palestinian Civilians

Monthly Media Digests

06/01/2011 December Monthly 2010 Media Digest

14/12/2010 November Monthly Media Digest

02/11/2010 October 2010 Monthly Media Digest

September 2010 Monthly Media Digest

06/09/2010 August 2010 Monthly Media Digest

05/08/2010 July 2010 Monthly Media Digest

09/07/2010 June 2010 Monthly Media Digest

08/06/2010 May 2010 Monthly News Digest

04/05/2010 April 2010 Monthly News Digest

01/04.2010 March 2010 Monthly News Digest

05/03/2010 February 2010 Monthly News Digest

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30/12/2009 December 2009 Monthly News Digest

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30/10/2010 October 2009 Monthly News Digest


Articles & reports

13.01.2011 Erdogan: there can be no peace without Hamas

12.01.2011 Israel's leaders walk in the footsteps of General Pinochet

 The repercussions of security coordination between the Palestinian Authority and Israel

14.12.2010 Enforced recognition of the Jewish State criminalises the Palestinian national struggle

12.11.2010 Lessons from British compassion

21.09.2010 "America is leaving so prepare for the new Middle East"

News items

21.12.2010 Recreational counselling for female prisoners freed from Israeli prisons

19.02. 2011 International rights commission expresses concern over increased aggression against journalist in the Middle East

18.02.2011 Knesset passes first reading of bill to impose sanctions on those who boycott Israel

18.02.2011 Report: last year, 218 violations of press freedom occurred in the Palestinian Territories

17.02.2011 Israeli government orders boycott of US Jewish organisations which oppose its policies

17.02.2011 Suez Canal Authority denies refusing passage to Iranian warships

17.02.2011 Barghouti warns that Israel is exploiting regional events to push Judaisation of Jerusalem

16.02.2011 Basic food prices rise in the West Bank

15.02.2011 Israel plans 19 new synagogues in Har Homa

13.12.2010 Meshaal meets Russian Deputy Foreign Minister in Damascus

13.12.2010 Gaza hit by cold air mass

Israel refuses Egyptian request to station more troops in the Sinai .

19.02,2011 Jordan's deputy speaker criticises Abbas and Fateh leadership over their possession of Jordanian nationality .

08.02.11 Jordan's deputy speaker criticises Abbas and Fateh leadership over their possession of Jordanian nationality

08.02.2011 Hamas: investigation linking Al Adly with church bombing exposes involvement in incitement against the resistance



07.02.2011 Israel refuses Egyptian request to station more troops in the Sinai

07.02.2011 Hamas: investigation linking Al Adly with church bombing exposes involvement in incitement against the resistance

06.12.2010 Relatives of political detainees on hunger strike organise solidarity protest

26.11.2010 Erdogan warns Israel should it attack Gaza or Lebanon

Israeli forces destroy a mosque in Tubas

22.11.2010 Israeli bill to ban non-Jews from residing in 1948-occupied towns

15.11.2010 Mild earthquake hits occupied northern Palestine

15.11.2010 Settlers burn 200 olive trees in East Nablus

15.11.2010 Egypt's al-Ahram: Damascus meeting was a setback in reconciliation efforts

11.11.2010 John Ging: Conditions in Gaza have not changed since Israel declared it would ease the blockade

10.11.2010 Israel re-arrests West Bank Deputy, Mahmoud Al-Ramahi

09.11.2010 Dutch anti-Islam politician to take part in conference to 'change Jordan's name to Palestine'

09.11.2010 Haaretz: Israel's list of wanted West Bank 'terrorists' dwindles to almost nil thanks to coordination with the PA

09.11.2010 Al-Aqsa imam condemns Israel's policy of demolishing mosques

08.11.2010 Israel arrested over 345 Palestinians in October, including 140 children

03.11.2010 Report: Settlers kill 3 Palestinian children and wound scores of others over a 2 year period

01.11.2010 The Ramallah Government: church torching by settlers was response to UNESCO decision

01.11.2010 Netanyahu cancels meeting scheduled with Obama for next week

29.10.2010 The Samaritans celebrate Sukkot



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