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John Mearsheimer

  • Israel is a threat to US democracy

    The US State Department is circulating a confidential letter urging European Union (EU) members and other "friendly" countries to help block Palestinian attempts to secure non-member Observer State status...
    Published in: Article, Asia & Americas
  • Darfur - Palestine; Tell the Truth When You Retire!

    When I was at the Woodrow Wilson Center in Washington, DC (1999-2000), I introduced myself to people as "a politician and academic."  My attention was drawn politely to the...
    Published in: Africa, Article
  • Israel's European Lobby

    by Maidhc Ó Cathail(Wednesday, October 28, 2009) "The influence the Israel Lobby wields in Washington has ensured that the United States has long been complicit in Israel's barbarism. And...
    Published in: Article, Middle East
  • The media consensus on Israel is collapsing

    Across the political spectrum, once-taboo criticism is now common With Hamas and Fatah meeting this week in Cairo, reconciliation between the rival Palestinian political parties is likely only a...
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