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Message from Palestinian law students: Justice Makers Assembly

In order to find sustainable alternatives to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, a group of Palestinian law students at Al-Ahrar University in Gaza have formed a new group called "Justice Makers". The group links law departments in Palestinian universities and aims to look at practical and tangible ways of seeking justice for Palestine. The founders of the group had had enough of the conflict and chose to study law because for them it is the only way of regaining they rights.

Justice Makers kindly made this video for the Middle East Monitor (MEMO) seminar on "Universal Jurisdiction against Israeli War Criminals". In the video they explain why they formed Justice Makers in the first place and they how they fully support the efforts of lawyers who are working on the concept of universal jurisdiction, which allows a country to prosecute against crimes which were committed by non-nationals in a different country.

MEMO would like to thank Justice Makers, specially Noha Sal and Mohammed Eleiwa for their message. We also commend their efforts and hard work.

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