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MEMO's Diary of the War Crimes in Gaza - Day Twelve

January 8, 2010 at 11:25 am

Wednesday, 7th January 2009 –DAY TWELVE

For the 12th consecutive day, the IOF had continued their full scale offensive against the Gaza Strip. Gaza City and the northern Gaza Strip, where ground operations were taking place, were subjected to the most violent strikes; the majority of incursions, were focused on these areas. The unprecedented killing of children was a main feature of this offensive, along with the dramatic increase in destruction inflicted upon public and private facilities.

In the northern Gaza Strip, the IOF bombarded the Ministry of Interior. Israeli warplanes fired a missile against a Volkswagen car in al-Alamy areaof Jabalya, killing three Palestinians; the car driver and two children. The Israeli artillery bombarded a residential building owned by al-Banna family, killing three Palestinians, including two brothers. Al-Andalos apartment building, in the southwest of Jabalya, was targeted with three missiles.

The IOF, backed by tanks, military bulldozers and warplanes, moved into the east of Khuza’a amid violent bombardment with smoke and incendiary bombs. Israeli troops stormed houses, turning them into military sites. Hundreds of Palestinians had to vacate their houses while others were trapped inside houses due to the heavy bombardment.

The high number of victims, especially children and women, is a strong indicator of the use of excessive force in violation of International Humanitarian Laws. The death toll of this day mounted to 39 Palestinians, including 19 civilians; 5 children and 3 women. This number includes 3 Palestinians who died of wounds they sustained earlier in the offensive