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Egypt's judges are slaying the judiciary

January 23, 2014 at 5:46 am

The Egyptian judiciary has met its Creator after its judges killed and buried it having subjected themselves to the coup government, being tempted by its gold and afraid of its sword. We can say with a clear conscience that there is no longer a judiciary in Egypt and that the lie of the great Egyptian judiciary has fallen. No one dares to tell that lie anymore after the unjust and shameful verdict was issued by an Alexandria judge against 21 young women, aged between 15 and 21 years old, sentencing them to 11 years in prison for participating in a peaceful demonstration against the coup.

Meanwhile, three police officers who killed peaceful demonstrators were found not guilty and can be added to the list of corrupt Mubarak-regime figures found innocent of very obvious crimes. Moreover, all of the police officers accused of killing demonstrators during the January 25 Revolution have been given immunity by Al-Sisi, according to recent leaks aired by Al-Jazeera, in which he says that no police officer accused of shooting and killing or wounding protestors will be prosecuted.

So, what can we expect from a politicised judiciary that takes its orders from the coup leaders and issues its verdicts depending on what this traitorous general wants? What do we expect from judges who allowed themselves to be blinded and guided to detain the country’s legitimate president and allow him to be taken to an unknown place by this self-same general? What do we expect from judges who allowed the arrests of over 12,000 Egyptian citizens, including the noblest, most loyal, and brightest of its people, among them scientists, doctors, engineers, teachers and university professors; and who then justified such arbitrary detentions by facing these individuals with fabricated charges weaved by their conspiratorial collective imagination?

We have returned to the era of darkness, tyranny and injustice; the judiciary now provides a legal cover for all of the crimes. The individual who spearheaded the judges’ war against the first elected president in Egypt and hindered and cancelled his sovereign decisions, and who was one of the stars of the coup when it took place, was the head of the Supreme Council. He applauded Al-Sisi’s coup, so do not speak to me about the independence of the judiciary after its supposedly learned members have sunk deep into politics.

Corruption has reached the judiciary, just as it reached all of the state institutions during Mubarak’s rule. The unfair and unjust verdicts that are now being issued are nothing but the product of the corrupt regime that must be eradicated or uprooted. This cannot be done unless legitimacy is restored in Egypt and its legitimate, elected president is returned to office. No good comes to a people who are unjust; the Almighty will destroy them. Although the injustice in Egypt is out of control, there are still good people who are resisting and sacrificing themselves, their children and their wealth to rid the republic of this evil. All they want in return is to please God and build up Egypt; they have no apparent ulterior motives, and this is what makes me optimistic about a victory from God being near.

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