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Political stupidity prevails

January 23, 2014 at 7:03 am

The coup leaders lost their minds and their insight the day they conspired against legitimacy, captured the elected president, Mohammed Morsi, and carried out a bloody military coup on 3rd July.

They are delusional to think that they could again subject the Egyptian people to humiliation and take them back under the reigns of oppression and degradation, beginning with Gamal Abdel Nasser and ending with the fallen Hosni Mubarak.


The 25th January revolution took place in order to liberate Egyptians from oppression and slavery, but the coup leaders want to end the revolution. They believe they will be able to achieve this by killing and detaining the people of this great nation, and ridding the people of the Muslim Brotherhood – depicting the Brotherhood to the whole world as a terrorist organisation. They try to make it seem as if Egypt is combating terrorism, even though the Muslim Brotherhood is a peaceful organisation that realised the importance of peace long before many others, a fact that the historical record proves. The coup leaders even tried to delude the world into thinking that the Muslim Brotherhood is the only group protesting by the millions in the streets against the military coup and calling for the restoration of legitimacy in Egypt.

Indeed the coup is based on many falsifications and lies, starting with the biggest lie of all, i.e. the 30th June revolution. In reality this was a “matinee revolution” that only lasted 6 hours before evaporating and disappearing. It was a cinematic production directed by Khaled Youssef, who filmed the protests from warplanes and produced a deceptive American-style propaganda film that claims 30 million protestors took to the streets in the biggest lie in history, which is also backed by the deceptive and corrupt Egyptian media that has lost all sense of professionalism. This media is now operated and managed by the armed forces and intelligence agencies, making the media one of the coup’s most powerful weapons to brainwash people, turning them into foolish individuals that believe all the lies they are fed.

Unfortunately, many Egyptians are victims of these lies and fraud, but some have woken up and are seeing the coup leaders for what they were. After the Rabaa Al-Adaweya and Al-Nahda Square massacres, Egyptians of all political affiliations began to oppose the coup by taking to the streets and holding protests in Ramses Square and Al-Fateh Mosque, causing some to become martyrs, others detained, and some even killed during the Abu Zabaal massacre while being transferred to the prison. These victims were tortured before being burned by bombs. Nowadays, the security forces are killing journalists on their way home from work; what kind of brutality is this?

The latest foolishness is in the form of the arrest of the Muslim Brotherhood Supreme Guide, Dr. Mohammed Badie, which is an attempt to get rid of the group once and for all. However, this will never happen! The coup leaders are living a life of delusions, but, at some point, they will realise the truth; the Supreme Guide is only one member of the group, and the absence of one will not affect the other members, even if he is the leader. The Brotherhood will live on with the rest of the angry people opposed to the coup, until they overthrow it, and this arrest has only increased their determination. This is political foolishness at its best.

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