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When the prisoner is stronger than the jailer

January 23, 2014 at 5:12 am

They feared that he would appear like a lion behind bars, so they hid him at an undisclosed location and claimed falsely that he could not be transported to the court due to bad weather. He is an unarmed man, who has nothing but his faith in his Creator and in the justness of his cause, and they possess an arsenal of deadly weapons that know no mercy, but despite this, they fear him. This is not surprising because the truth will always triumph over dark forces, no matter how powerful or influential. Even while he is imprisoned in an unknown place, Mohamed Morsi is stronger than all of the coup-organisers who hide in palaces behind high walls, crouch behind their tanks and only appear before the public in pre-recorded interviews.

They defamed Morsi with every sin possible, from spying to treason, all in an attempt to tarnish his reputation in front of his supporters. Instead they have portrayed him as more determined, strong and popular in the eyes of the people, with many ready to sacrifice their lives for him. This was overlooked by the coup-organisers and they still do not understand it. This man and his supporters are defending a doctrine and a nation for which people are willing to sacrifice all that is precious to them, even their lives, for the sake of their God. However, the coup traitors are defending themselves and their own interests, for which they disregard their homeland and the lives of the people in it; they sacrifice all of this in order for them to survive in the lives they have created for themselves. This is the difference between a man who puts his nation in his heart and in his mind, and a man who sells his homeland in order to achieve personal gains, but claims to do otherwise; this is the difference between Mohamed Morsi and the leader of the coup.

That is why Al-Sisi and his lackeys are afraid of Morsi appearing in public; they know that his presence will awaken the collective Egyptian conscience, which they have blocked with their false media; they fear the masses acting against them and exposing them inside Egypt, after having already been exposed internationally. Perhaps the boycott of the constitutional referendum abroad is the greatest example of this. The fact that only a small number of people participated in the vote, despite their fabrications and propaganda, is the biggest blow to the coup-organisers. However, the Egyptians abroad spat on them and all that is left is for the Egyptians inside Egypt to spit on them as well. We have discovered that they are prepared for electoral fraud, as they sent plain-clothes security officers and soldiers out in order for them to vote; they mobilised the Coptic Christians by means of the churches; and they have allowed voting in any district, thus allowing people to vote more than once in different places. This is a farce, but then, isn’t everything about the coup-leaders and the coup itself farcical? It is time for this to stop and for the coup to fall; God willing, the coup will fall. “Verily, the help of Allah is (always) near.”

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