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A brainwashing play

January 30, 2014 at 1:27 am

The comic performance being acted out in Egypt nowadays – also known as Mubarak’s trial, or the trial of the century – is actually the play of the century. Expertly written and directed by the Military Council with the help of members from the judiciary, media, and security, its aim is for Mubarak to save face, put an end to the revolution and brainwash the nation. It’s as if the revolution hadn’t occurred to put an end to the oppression, injustice, fraud and corruption that spread throughout the country, or the handing down of power.

Yes the Military Council was able to absorb the protestors’ anger and their call for the prosecution of overthrown president Hosni Mubarak. However, the Council placed Mubarak and his men in a safe place and presented weak cases against them after they concealed and destroyed the evidence incriminating them. Also, the Council prolonged the start of the trial until the fervour of the protestors died down. The demonstrators were calling for the just retribution for martyrs; they lost their rights because of the failure to establish a special court for the revolution in which all the icons of the violent regime were to be prosecuted for the crimes they committed against this country.

Once, the martyrs’ voices grew hoarse after repeatedly calling for their rights. But after the trial, in which the defendant appeared fully rested, healthy, and smiling and waving to his fake supporters, we no longer heard their voices. This was the same man who hid from the cameras and was comforted by his son Gamal during the first trial, or scene of this comic play we have been watching for almost 2 years. Where have the voices that called for the rights of the martyrs gone? Have they abandoned their cause to defy their revolutionary partners, the Muslim Brotherhood? What is even more bizarre is that they are making comparisons between President Morsi and the overthrown Mubarak. It is dishonourable for them to describe Dr Morsi’s reign as being worse than Mubarak’s, the overthrown President who brought Egypt down and associated it with America and Israel, making it their strategic treasure.

As a result of political scheming, the revolutionaries of the January 25th revolution are disappearing and being viciously attacked by the anti-revolutionary circles. Where has the national conscience gone? Regain your morality and the mutual goal that united you in Tahrir Square; go back to the spirit of the Square, reunite, and make national interest the priority over any personal or partisan interests. The country is calling out to you and the revolution is lost in your vain disputes. The anti-revolution is prepared and ready to falsify history and has already started doing so. Many of those pretending to be revolutionaries have joined them and are upholding the principle of ‘my enemy’s enemy is my friend’ out of hatred for the Muslim Brotherhood. The revolution has disowned such people and it will triumph despite its enemies: (And the unbelievers schemed but God brought their scheming to nought: for God is above all schemers.)

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