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Italy says excluding Muslim Brotherhood hinders coup "road map"

Italy's Foreign Minister has said that the complete exclusion of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt would hinder the democratic process and the "Road Map" produced by the coup government, which she believes is the political way out of the country's crisis. Emma Bonino was briefing a meeting of the Foreign Affairs Committee in Rome on Tuesday when she pointed out that the violence in Egypt had revealed the real problems facing the coup government.

The minister also said that she was aware of the risk from the "dictatorial transition" by the Muslim Brotherhood since the Constitutional Decree on November 19, 2013. She described the referendum that followed as "made-up".

Such measures, she claimed, posed "a danger" to democracy. However, trying to put all Muslim Brotherhood members "in the basket of terrorism indiscriminately" also poses a threat to the aims of the road map, she added.

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