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Popular delegation to visit EU and UN to expose those responsible for coup

January 30, 2014 at 1:20 pm

The founder of the Reunion Movement and the Egyptian Renaissance Party has announced details of a delegation formed of politicians and revolutionary youth among others to explain the bloody nature of the Egyptian coup to the EU, UN and African Union. Ahmed Abdel Gawad’s Popular Diplomatic Revolutionary Delegation plans to include civil society organisations on its agenda for meetings to stress the serious effect that the coup will have on democratic values across the Middle East and North Africa, not just in Egypt.

Abdel Gawad said that he has collated a series of documents, video evidence, photographs and recorded conversations proving that meetings of the coup plotters took place months ago with Egyptian and foreign participation. He noted that the delegation wants to highlight the “apostasy against democracy” and the theft of the votes of the Egyptian people that the coup represents.

“We have already contacted a number of EU officials and sent them some of the evidence we have obtained,” said Abdel Gawad. “We have also obtained visas for all the delegation members, whose names will not be disclosed at the moment to ensure their safety and to make sure they are not arrested or harassed by the coup authorities, who have disregarded all human rights laws.”

He added that the delegation is made up of 25 figures from across the spectrum of Egyptian life but he is hoping that this figure will reach 40. The first stop will be the EU, followed by the UN and then the AU.

The Renaissance party founder attributes foreign reactions to the coup to the fact that the regime pays no attention to public opinion in Egypt and aims to please Western governments. “As such, we will not meet with government officials in the countries we visit because we believe that many in the West, starting with the United States, were involved in the preparation, funding and management of this violent coup.” Abdel Gawad added that the delegation members regard their mission to be part of the peaceful struggle to resist the coup.