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Revolutionary parties mark Mohamed Mahmoud incidents

January 30, 2014 at 10:00 am

The spokesperson of the Strong Egypt Party, Ahmed Imam, affirmed on Tuesday that the different revolutionary parties all participated in the demonstrations to mark the anniversary of the Mohamed Mahmoud incidents, proving that “the revolution is still alive.”

In a statement, Imam said: “This shows that the revolutionary parties still believe in the spirit of the common revolutionary action.”

He added: “What happened on Monday proves that the revolution still knows its way, and the anti-revolution and reactionary powers will not be able to overcome the real revolution.”

Acknowledging the protesters, Imam said: “We thank all of our members, as well as the members of all the revolutionary parties, who participated in the demonstrations.”

He affirmed that their protest demonstrated a “very well civilised” showing of revolutionary power despite the coup’s oppressive powers.