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Russia warns of nuclear catastrophe in Syria

January 30, 2014 at 11:31 am

The Russian Foreign Ministry has warned of the consequences of a military strike against Syria, which could include an attack on the small nuclear reactors near the capital Damascus. There could well be a nuclear catastrophe in the region, said a spokesman.

Alexander Ukashević; told Russia Today, “The anticipated military strike against Syria may affect sensitive targets in terms of nuclear security and non-proliferation of nuclear weapons.” If, for example, a warhead hits the miniature neutron source reactor near Damascus, he continued, the surrounding area will be contaminated by enriched uranium. “It is impossible to account for the nuclear materials available in this reactor and preserve them,” added Ukashević. He called on the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to respond swiftly to the recent developments and present its member states with an analysis of the risks of the threatened strike by America and its allies.

Meanwhile, officials in the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps said that Syria will not stand “alone” as the Islamic Republic will continue its support for Damascus “until the end”.

General Hossein Salami, Deputy of Commander in Chief of the Revolutionary Guards, has warned the West not to repeat its “old mistakes” because the “Syrian people, the regime and the army” will resist any aggression with full force. “Any nation which decides to defend itself against aggressors will undoubtedly become a graveyard for the enemy,” he pointed out.

Salami said that America should take the time to reflect more deeply on the consequences of an attack on Syria. According to Fars news agency he called on the US to ask itself whether it wants to fuel the spirit of jihad amongst Muslims in the region. “A war will not be limited to the borders of Syria,” he warned. “A war would be very expensive and carry significant risks.”

Major General Qassem Soleimani, also of the Revolutionary Guards, added, “America does not look for democracy in Egypt, nor for human rights in Syria; it is not even worried about Iran’s nuclear ambitions. Its main objective is to break the resistance front.” Iran, he insisted, will support Syria even though it is criticised for doing so. “We do not care for the enemy’s propaganda. Syria is the first line of resistance. It is an undeniable fact and it is our duty to support Muslims who suffer from oppression and injustice.”

Soleimani noted that there are seven countries in the spearhead against Syria: Qatar, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, France, Britain, America and Israel. “They want to see Bashar Al-Assad leave his position; they would even prefer to see Al-Qaeda ruling Syria instead of Assad.”