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The molotov resistance

January 30, 2014 at 1:27 am

What occurred in front of the Muslim Brotherhood headquarters in Al-Muqatam undoubtedly saddens the heart and troubles the national conscience; something absent from the hearts of those claiming to be revolutionaries today. These individuals have become full of hatred since President Mohammad Morsi came to office which signified the Muslim Brotherhood’s rise to power. They are determined to bring the Brotherhood down with molotovs.

Yesterday’s revolutionaries united with the remnants of the National Party as well as gangs and thought they could recreate the January 25th revolution and overthrow the elected president. However, they forgot or neglected the fact that revolutions cannot be duplicated; that they are historic, spur of the moment occurrences preceded by years of a people’s accumulated suffering. From the first moment President Morsi took the reins, they have tried to carry out their delusional plan, and each time they fail, they try again. They have only gained shame and disgrace from the attack on the Federation and the Guidance Office.

The incident known as the “battle of the mountain” will remain a stigma on all the politicians who called for and supported it; I am obviously referring to the National Salvation Front, which is actually the ruin front that incites violence and provides political cover for all forms of violence never before witnessed by Egypt – making the fact that its leaders claim the opposite comical. They have covered their hands with the blood of Egyptians shed on the streets of Al-Muqatam. We witnessed horrendous scenes such as the individual they gleefully set on fire or the elderly man they delightedly watched bleeding while they stabbed him several times in the head. Not only are these dreadful crimes not condemned by the Front, but they are justified and the President is held accountable for not listening to the resistance.

Is this how resistance should be? With Molotovs and swords? President Mohammad Morsi threatened to cut off the hands of those seeking to tamper with Egypt’s security. He said, “If necessary, I will either detain them or go back to the people and tell them I have returned your effects, they are behind the hindrance of our progression. If they do not stop, I will do this very soon. If investigations prove some politicians are behind this, the necessary measures will be taken against them, regardless of their positions.” The entire nation is waiting for this to happen on the ground in order to restore security and safety to this country that is tired of its children’s fighting and its siblings’ greed!

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