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Countdown to Freedom Flotilla arrival on shores of Gaza

January 31, 2014 at 12:50 pm

As reception plans are completed for the Freedom Flotilla due to arrive in Gaza on the 27 May, the Chair of the Popular Committee Against the Siege has revealed details of the ships setting sail with much-needed humanitarian aid. Jamal Alkhodary, MP, said that three ships were due to sail from Istanbul on Saturday 22 May which will be joined by five more from Greece and the “Rachel Corrie” from Ireland in a rendezvous off the coast of Cyprus before heading in a convoy to Gaza.

Palestine solidarity activists celebrated the sailing of the three ships from Istanbul with a ceremony where the Palestinian flag was raised, songs supporting Palestine were sung, and slogans and banners praising the Palestinians’ steadfast resistance were waved.

According to Mr. Alkhodary, around 500 activists will be on board of the three ships from Turkey, along with disabled vehicles, tents for field hospitals, stationery, sports and medical equipments and construction materials. The people of Gaza, including charity organisations, committees against the blockade and ordinary citizens have, said Mr. Alkhodary, completed their preparations to receive the Freedom Flotilla on schedule.