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Erdogan: the Israeli army committed serious crimes double that attributed to Sudan

January 31, 2014 at 1:45 pm

Turkey’s Prime Minister Rajab Tayeb Erdogan criticised the Zionist government led by Benyamin Netanyaho saying he prefers to meet with the Sudanese president to discuss the crisis in Dar Fur rather than the head of the Israeli government to discuss the Goldstone report.

Erdogan pointed out that during the “Cast Lead” operation in the Gaza Strip the Israeli army committed war crimes double that attributed to the government of Sudan.

He further explained that he visited Dar Fur in 2006 and found no evidence of genocide as alleged. “If such a thing happened we would have spoken face to face with President Bashir about it,” he said.

The Turkish Prime Minister said he much more prefers to meet and discuss with the Sudanese government rather than speak about the Zionist state and its crimes. “I am unable to discuss these matters with Netanyaho; as for Bashir, I have no problem discussing them,” he said.

Meanwhile Israeli papers published on Monday 9th November commented widely on Erdogan’s statements noting that he has shifted to the level of insults to “Israel” and its “leaders” and that he has enlisted in the axis of evil, having met Ahamdi Nejad and preferring to meet Bashir instead of Netanyaho.