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Israeli commandos killed journalist as he photographed their crime

January 31, 2014 at 12:50 pm

By Mehmet Nedim Aslan

A journalist covering the Gaza Freedom Flotilla was shot and killed by the Israeli commandos as he photographed their crime. Cevdet Kiliclar was one of 60 journalists on board the Mavi Marmara to provide accurate accounts of the Flotilla.

According to the activists on the main ship, when the Israeli commandos fired at them, Mr. Kiliclar photographed the incident, at which point one of the soldiers shot him in the head. He died instantly. Forensic evidence suggests that the journalist was shot at very close range. This account was verified by British activist Kevin Ovenden when he arrived in Istanbul on Thursday. The journalist, said Mr. Ovenden, had his camera to his eyes and was shot in the forehead; the bullet tore away the back of his skull.

Mr. Kiliclar, 38, was married with two children. His grieving widow, Derya Kiliclar, couldn’t believe what had happened to her husband and said that she never thought the Israelis would kill peace activists even though she knew that children have been killed in Palestine. The last time that Mrs. Kiliclar spoke to her husband was as he set sail from Antalya in southern Turkey. “He was very excited,” she said, “because this was a humanitarian mission.”