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Israeli MK evades UK arrest

Amir Peretz, Member of the Israeli Knesset, has evaded arrest in the UK, after activists managed to secure an arrest warrant for suspected war crimes committed in the 2006 Lebanon War. An Israeli newspaper, Yedioth Ahronoth, reported earlier today, that the Israeli MK had clandestinely entered the UK after being advised by his lawyers of the potential warrant.

He was scheduled to speak at a London University this week, however, he was advised that 'anti-Israel activists' were more than likely to pursue a warrant for his arrest. On his lawyers advise, he instead emailed the university claiming he had to cancel the UK trip for 'personal reasons' in a plot to ward of the activists. It seems to have worked as the activists called off the arrest warrant, allowing Peretz to enter the country where he kept a low profiling and spoke at a few events including an Israeli business club.

Pro-Palestinian activists soon caught wind of his arrival in the UK and renewed their efforts to obtain a warrant; Peretz was notified and made a quick getaway, leaving a day early. Yedioth Ahronoth confirms that the activists were successful in obtaining the warrant.

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