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Sheikh Raed Salah's lawyer named The Times 'lawyer of the week'

The Times newspaper has named Tayab Ali, of ITN Solicitors their lawyer of the week. Mr Ali headed the legal team along with barristers Raza Hussian QC and Duran Seddon in defence of Sheikh Raed Salah against the Home Secretary, Theresa May. He described the complexity of the case, "The facts revolved around very sensitive and controversial issues in the Palestinian- Israeli conflict. Sheikh Salah had been invited by parliamentarians to speak in the House of Commons during a one-week stay. The Home Secretary making exclusion decisions in this poor way is an unconstitutional attack on parliamentary freedom because it would have improperly restricted free debate and access to information in Parliament."

Mr Ali's efforts were successful as Sheikh Raed won his case against the UK government. Prior to Sheikh Raed's departure he presented Ali with a token of appreciation at a farewell ceremony. Tayab Ali has worked on numerous legal issues relating to the Israel-Palestine conflict and was involved in providing advice during the campaign against changes to universal jurisdiction.

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