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Turkish President says Israel will regret attack on Freedom Flotilla

The Turkish President has said that Israel will "regret the great mistake" it made by attacking the Freedom Flotilla carrying humanitarian aid to Gaza. Abdullah Gul said that the government of Israel acted against the long-term interests of the Israeli people.

According to the Anatolia news agency, President Gul made his statement during a visit to the governor of Anatolia. He added that the Israelis should be in no doubt that Turkey will never tolerate attacks against its citizens and ships in international waters.

"Turkey will do its job, of course, in light of the attack," said President Gul. "We will never forget the Israeli attack," he added, saying that Turkey's relationship with Israel will never be the same again.

In response to comments that Turkey may not play a mediator's role in the Middle East conflict because of the attack, Gul said that the crisis is not between Turkey and Israel, but between Israel and the rest of mankind.

"My speech is important for people who understand it, and it should be well-assessed by the Israelis and US officials."

The Freedom Flotilla was made up of six ships from several countries, carrying more than 700 activists from over 40 countries, including 44 government officials and European and Arab parliamentarians.

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