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Who is lying?

January 31, 2014 at 12:49 am

Andrew Gilligan – London editor of the Telegraph – is denying having received a letter from the lawyer of Sheikh Raed Salah in which Gilligan is accused of making defamatory and false statements about the Sheikh. In his article in the Telegraph published on 29th June Gilligan says about MEMO that “they even claim to have ‘served’ legal proceedings against me last Friday for my disgraceful slur on the ‘Ghandi of Palestine'”.

Gilligan says “I’ve received nothing at all so far, alas – maybe it’s lost in the post?” Well Mr Gilligan, Mr Salah’s solicitors have once again confirmed to us this morning that they did indeed send you the letter (dated 21 June 2011) that we referred to and have given us permission to publish the letter openly for you and the rest of the public in its entirety:

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