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Christian Science Monitor criticises oppression of Muslim Brotherhood

February 3, 2014 at 10:12 am

The Christian Science Monitor (CSM) has commented on the oppression campaign against the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) in Egypt.

CSM, which is close to US decision makers, ruled out the return of the Egyptian street to stability because the MB have pledged to continue their protests, highlighting the killing of four MB members on Friday as mass protests took place in Cairo and Alexandria.

The American news organisation expressed surprise that many Egyptians consent to the policy of oppression adopted by the current Egyptian government, as ending this was a prime demand of the January 25 revolution.

It blamed media campaigns that reinforce the trend of nationalism and at the same time the hatred of non-Egyptians, led by the government.

CSM said that the labelling of the MB as a terrorist organisation left the biggest and most organised political movement in the country without “legal” means to achieve its demands through ballot boxes.

The organisation said: “The MB has always condemned violence and it even used to encourage political partnership describing it as the sole way to reach authority.” CSM continued: “The time the MB were in control was too short.”

Source: Almesryoon