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British and American anti-war movements protest against military intervention in Syria

Britain's Stop the War Coalition held a demonstration in Central London on Saturday attended by thousands of people from across the country. A spokesperson said that the effectiveness of public demonstrations was reflected by the British parliament's vote against intervention on Thursday evening.

The Stop the War chair, Jeremy Corbyn MP, thanked people for lobbying their members of parliament: "We are a 'coalition of the willing' and to that end we'll keep active for peace, and to ensure that this proves to be a turning point in British Foreign Policy."

However, this is not the end of the struggle, Corbyn warned. "There still exists the danger of renewed conflict as the interests of the military, arms dealers and others remain ever present and very powerful."

The US Anti-War Movement also organised a protest in New York City to protest against possible military intervention in Syria. Protesters rallied in Times Square after President Barack Obama's speech in which he said that he will seek authorisation from Congress for any attack against the Assad regime in Damascus.

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