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Clinton tells Israeli leaders to seize the moment of historical change in the region

February 4, 2014 at 11:06 am

American Secretary of State Hillary Clinton ended her visit to Israel on Tuesday having delivered a reassuring message to the Israeli leadership from the new Egyptian president. Clinton told the Israelis that President Morsi intends to abide by the peace treaty and other agreements with Israel.

Observers said that the spate of recent visits by American officials to Tel Aviv illustrate the differences between the American administration and the Israeli government regarding Iran. Based on information about Benjamin Netanyahu’s insistence on attacking Iran, observers confirmed that the US is concerned that the Israelis may attack Iranian nuclear plants before the American presidential elections in November.

It was clear, claim analysts, that Clinton’s latest visit was more serious than previous trips, as she was accompanied by her Under Secretary of State and US negotiator on Iranian affairs, Wendy Sherman. The two met with Netanyahu and his Defence Minister, Ehud Barak. Israeli media reports claim that the disagreement with the US revolves around the time and context of an attack against Iran.

It was also reported that Clinton had carried an important message from Barack Obama, including a promise that the US will not permit Iran to have nuclear capabilities. The Israeli government was asked to consider America’s agenda in this regard.

After her meeting with the President of Israel, Shimon Peres, the Secretary of State informed journalists that there is a disagreement with the Israeli leadership. “We are having a momentary loss of confidence,” she said, “but we still have new opportunities to invest our joint goals in this region.” Security, stability, peace and democracy are what America seeks to achieve together, she added.

Mrs Clinton called on the Israelis to recognize the historical change taking place in the region and seize the opportunities by working with the US to face the challenges ahead.