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Protests in Ramallah as Clinton pledges support for Israel's security

February 4, 2014 at 10:52 am

As US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton pledged her country’s support for Israel’s security, Palestinians in the occupied West Bank demonstrated in front of the presidential compound in Ramallah to protest against her visit.

Palestinian security services tried to prevent hundreds of demonstrators from entering the compound, witnesses said. The protestors condemned America’s stand with Israel over the offensive against civilians in Gaza, chanting slogans calling on President Mahmoud Abbas not to receive the Secretary of State.

Mrs. Clinton was in Ramallah to discuss a potential ceasefire between Hamas and the Israelis. The visit came after she had met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for the same purpose.

In a press conference after her meeting with Netanyahu, Clinton confirmed that the American obligation towards Israel’s security “is as hard as rocks” before adding, “Therefore, I think that the essential thing is stopping the escalation in Gaza.”

She noted that the US is going to do its best with its partners in Israel and other countries in the region in order to “guarantee Israel’s security” and to “improve the circumstances of the Gaza residents” so that a “comprehensive peace for all nations in the region” can be achieved.